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Not sure about what type of service you are looking for?  


Check out the descriptions below to help you choose the class type and duration that fits your needs! Every class will build upon the last as swimmers progress.


 We have something for EVERYONE!

Baby Swimming Class


Waterbabies is designed for toddlers who are new to water and at the age where they may not be the best communicators.  The main focus of these lessons is SAFETY and repetition as they learn by doing! We start with some fun and basic water acclimation and quickly move into those life saving techniques like instinctive breath holding, back floating, reaching for the wall, turning into the wall, and kicking.  Each lesson will build upon the last until your toddler is water safe!

These lessons are between 20 and 30 minutes depending not the age and tolerance of your toddler. I always recommend NO LESS than 6 lessons for this level.  

Swim Lessons

Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim is for the swimmer who has a good grasp of the life saving skills such as back float and breath holding and is ready to move into more movement in the water.  

Each lesson always begins with a thorough safety check so that every swimmer maintains a healthy memory of water survival. Swimmers will learn new skills like how to move through the water taking multiple breaths and back breaks along the way.  This is also where I introduce freestyle arms and propulsion kicking.

Each lesson we build upon the last until swimmers can cross the pool safety and using the least amount energy.  

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.  I always recommend NO LESS than 4 lessons for this level.

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Swimmer Ready

Swimmer Ready is for all ages, even adults!  Swimmers at this level have mastered the water survival skills, can make it safely across the pool with ease and are ready to start learning the exercise components of swimming.

After beginning each lesson with a quick review of safety skills we will move into the mastery of freestyle, particularly the breath timing, as well as backstroke and the other competitive strokes.

Each lesson is 30-45 minutes long. I recommend a minimum of 2 lessons at this level to learn a new skill.



Advanced is for competitive or recreation swimmers of ALL ages who are looking to focus on a specific stroke or skill. 

These lessons are custom planned specifically for each swimmer and the skill they are looking to master.  In the past I have have worked with triathletes looking to balance their stroke and timing of their breath, competitive swimmers needing help on their starts or flip turns, and even those who just wanted to be better at swimming butterfly.  

Each of these lessons is 30-60 minutes. These are specific to each swimmer and no specific number of lessons is recommended.

Swimming Pool

Home School Swim Team 
Through April 27, 2023

I am excited to be offering a homeschool Swim Team to my list of services.  This class meets every Tuesday and Thursday for one hour focusing on all the components of competitive swimming without the competition or commitment of a large club team.  This class is perfect for homeschool or virtual school students.

This class is limited to swimmers ages 6-18 ad each participant MUST be able to perform one length of the pool freestyle, face in the water, and backstroke without stopping or touching the bottom. All classes are held at Patterson Park Rec Center on Tuesdays and Thursday from 1:00-2:00 PM.

Still not sure which to choose?

Shoot me an email with your specific needs and I'll recommend which type of lesson will be the best fit.

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